Kamis, 23 Desember 2010

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Senin, 13 Desember 2010

Control Your Information Anywhere Anytime

You are in control of how you connect and share on Facebook. Recently, many of you said you wanted more streamlined controls, so we made a number of changes to provide them. As of today, you can use these controls no matter where you are, what kind of device you have access to, or when you want to make a decision about your information.

All of Facebook's privacy controls are now available from any browser-enabled mobile device to the more than 500 million people, like you, who are using Facebook in every country around the world. Few online services offer any privacy controls to their mobile users. None that we know of offer the same control as the desktop version.

As mobile devices have become more sophisticated and widespread, we've noticed that people are creating content and accessing Facebook at every moment of the day, in many locations—not just from desktops.

Wherever you are connecting and sharing through Facebook, you should be able to make real time decisions over your information. Now you can.

You can get to privacy controls on mobile by going to m.facebook.com/privacy or by going to the Settings page and clicking the "Change" link next to the words "Privacy Settings." Check it out for yourself to:

Select who can see the content you post by setting the simple control for sharing on Facebook to friends, friends of friends or everyone,

Fully customize your granular settings, if you want, and have them take effect instantly, and

Read through our comprehensive privacy guide, formatted for mobile devices.

Privacy controls on m.facebook.com

We're rolling out the settings right now. If they aren't live for you yet, check again soon.

We hope you think having anywhere access to your privacy controls is helpful. We'd love to know what you think; share your feedback at www.facebook.com/privacyfeedback.

Michael, Facebook's mobile product manager, is letting everyone see his photos of the Morcheeba show last week.

Alternative m.facebook.com (quick solution access facebook)

fast internet has not been much felt by the people of Indonesia. Sooner or whether it is practically relative, because there are some typical Internet user. Size of fast or not to open up may be standard for some people, because up almost not be separated from daily life. Surely this is very disturbing when it can be opened up which mustinya less than 5 seconds, even open after more than 30 seconds because the Internet connection is problematic.

Usually people who have never read nyeleneh solution to overcome the slow access to the facebook will make access up through page m.facebook.com the page opens up normally through the phone or other mobile device that displays a simple view of Facebook. Unfortunately due to prioritize access to the view that there is a little neglected, we can see the look on m.facebook facebook. Com which I feel less good views, so what's the solution or any other alternative?

Turns out, the solution of m.facebook.com is x.facebook.com and iphone.facebook.com. By accessing the address will look different views with m.facebook.com but still looks minimalist and most importantly better look good compared to m.facebook.com.

Both this page will look the same, the addresses are actually intended for users Hanphone with certain types. For obvious iphone.facebook.com to access facebook via iphone and x.facebook.com to access facebook via mobile nokia series x.

To know the look of x.facebook.com and iphone.facebook.com can we see examples below

m.facebook.com view

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