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Welcome to Facebook Sheryl Sandberg Free My Data

On your fourth day at Facebook, my data said to me: Sheryl will surely set us free.


But, let’s be realistic–getting ubiquitous data portability is about as likely as actually finding a partridge in a pear tree.

Still, here’s an issue the new COO can actually sink her teeth into, as the notion of who has the rights to your data on social-networking sites like Facebook and how much control you have over it yourself is a topic that will surely eventually become a political one (and politics was an arena in which Sandberg was involved as a staffer in the Clinton administration).

While I know Facebook this week joined in a Microsoft (MSFT) initiative–along with social-networking sites like LinkedIn, Tagged, Hi5, Bebo–on a new and, well, convoluted, scheme to allow users to move their relationship info between the services, I am sorry to say that it is just not enough. Not nearly enough.

Like the appalling situation in instant messaging, where the key services do not work together because companies put their interests ahead of consumers’ convenience, there should be an industry-wide standard to allow users to move a great deal, if not all, of their data among and between services of their choice.

Obviously, all photos and videos, as well as personal information inputted, should be easy to move. And I do realize there needs to be clear privacy parameters around moving data about your friends (who, in any case, gave you access to the data in the first place).

And I do realize this is a difficult technological issue, but you are all very smart, I am told, and have plenty of money to figure it out.

So why won’t it happen quickly?

In a post I wrote in January after blogger Robert Scoble got slapped by the company for using software to “scrape” his data from his Facebook profile, I noted an even more obvious reason.

I wrote: “More to the point, such an ability would be damaging to Facebook’s business plan around building a robust ad business. The success of that squarely relies on people staying and actively using the service because they have committed time and effort in putting up scads of information, photos and videos about themselves on the service, as well as establishing a complex and personally valuable network of friends.”

While sites like Facebook like to trot out privacy concerns about this particular issue of being able to digitally move friends’ data around without explicit permission (even though a person could physically copy all this data and move it anyway), to my mind, the issue has more to do with social-networking sites wanting to lock you into their services, rather than allowing you to do what you like.


It’s all very parental, but not very realistic.

In fact, I might have several services I use, like Facebook for fun and LinkedIn for work and MySpace to meet, say, fellow fans of Barry Manilow (yes, I am a Fanilow).

Thus, I would like to be able to move data around easily and without having to pick a certain camp to live in to do so.

After all, as the great Barry sings (sort of): Oh, Facebook, well, I came and I gave (my data) without taking.

Now, though, I want to take.

Connect with your friends on your favorite websites Facebook

Who to contact when Facebook ignores you
Facebook Complaints

Well I've just about had it. I've had my account disabled for persistant misuse, I have not received one reply from my emails. I 've called the company and sent letters to the editor of every paper that I could think of ... including the local paper in Palo Alto where Facebooks headquarters is.. I think to myself, someone has to take notice.. but nope.

Nothing ... tick tock tick tock.

So i start reading a little more and turns out, Facebook has had a lot of complaints against them. Suprise suprise...

so much so in fact that the Attorney General of NY has ordered them to get an ISSE to investigate complaints. Well I think... Customer relations is not something to be taken lightly, so important in fact that companies who have not focused on this lost their business to other companies who knew that this was their trump. Facebook fails to realize that they can be easily replaced.. because in fact.. the best social utility.. is the internet!!!

Facebook needs an eye opener.

That administrator who so easily disabled your account could have used one of their own applications to have avoided this whole mess. yes .. Instant Messaging. Why did they not warn me there or verify that I was only replying..

Facebook needs a more detailed list of the code of conduct and terms and conditions, so people like me can understand why in the hell their account is gone? for replying to posts and letters? How tell me? Daily limit.. what limit? That s not in there... something must be done.

so I encourage you to contact the only sharpest pen in the can I call the internet.. the Attorney General of NY!

Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life

how to get facebook account back
Hi, about mid way through Thanksgiving Break I tried to log on to my facebook account and they gave me a message that my account had been disabled. I know I did not violate any of the terms of use. I don't have 5000 friends or belong to 200 groups. I have sent so many numerous emails but they say the same thing. All the message says is that your account has been disabled for poke reasons, harassment, etc. Then the name of the customer service rep. I get the same message back every time with a different customer service rep. name. I have a security clearance so my employer would have done something if I had something bad on my account. I am not a bad person just a regular college kid. I want my account back and was wondering what can be done, and if that Thor guy can help. Any legal action I can take

Welcome to Facebook, a social utility that connects you with the people around you

Welcome To Facebook FarmVille Cheats

This lens is solely devoted to help you advance in the wonderful world of FarmVille with a few Facebook FarmVille cheats that will help your farm explode in a good way. All of the FarmVille Cheats in this lens will not get you banned from Facebook, will not get your FarmVille account canceled and will not send your computer a million and one viruses like the typical FarmVille hack.

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Facebook FarmVille Cheats How To Make The Most Money In FarmVille

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FarmVille Cheats How To Get The Most Ribbons In FarmVille

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Welcome to Facebook Box from the top

How do you remove "Welcome to Facebook" bar at the top of my page?

How do you remove the "Welcome to FaceBook (your name here)" bar that is on top of my facebook homepage?
8 people have this question

Welcome to Facebook Who The American Tree Farm System

Way more countries have laws against holocaust denial (11 or so) than breast feeding (0), but guess which one is banned on Facebook? That’s right. Pictures of breast feeding babies are indecent, so they’re a no go.

But Holocaust denial is totally cool because it fosters open discussion. Facebook wants to “be a place where people can discuss all kinds of ideas, including controversial ones.” Even, apparently, the discussion of the idea that someone might be a “Nigger faggot, Jew nosed cunt.” That’s just one of many hateful messages I found written on a Holocaust denial site on Facebook.

Brian Cuban is making the removal of these sites a personal mission. He’s arguing the law. He’s arguing terms of service. He’s arguing common sense and decency. These groups are clearly little more than excuses to spew hatred towards Jews, and Facebook is too timid to do anything about it. The first amendment doesn’t apply to private companies. So why is Facebook so willing to take a stand when it comes to hungry babies, but won’t do a damn thing when it comes to the Holocaust.

Because they’re cowards. Here’s more open discussion of ideas on a Facebook Holocaust denial group:

If Facebook doesn’t want to take a moral or ethical stand on the issue, they can easily make a case that the groups violate their terms of service. These groups violate multiple sections of the TOS, particularly Section 3. There’s an easy way out of this for Facebook, and it also happens to be the right thing to do. Why in the world must they draw a line in the sand and then stand on the same side as Holocaust deniers is beyond me.

Update: Up for debate is whether or not this image of Romanian children in Auschwitz, victims of medical experiments, is evidence of the Holocaust, which apparently may or may not have happened. But what isn’t debatable is whether or not this is pornography under Facebook’s TOS. It is.

Yes, Facebook, this is the side of the line you’ve chosen to stand on.

Welcome to Facebook everyone

Like anything, anywhere
Look for Facebook Like buttons across the web to connect with the things you care about and share them with your friends. Control who can see this information.
The Like button
When you click the Like button, a link to that page is added to your Facebook profile and a story is shared with your friends.
That page can also keep you updated through your News Feed.
Your friends
Find out what your friends have liked, shared and commented on through the Activity Feed and Recommendations social plugins. These new plugins offer you the same control over what you can see and share as you already have on Facebook. More details can be found on the Facebook Blog.
Social plugins offer you the same control over what you can see and share as you already have on Facebook. All social plugins are extensions of Facebook and are specifically designed so none of your details are shared with sites on which they appear. More details can be found in our Help Center.

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Facebook and Google Maps Dominate Smartphone App Usage


Nielsen has released a new mobile application report and its findings showcase not only the increase in smartphone usage, but also what applications are most popular. For its report, Nielsen surveyed more than 4,200 people who had downloaded a mobile application in the last 30 days.

The survey really highlights just how much smartphone ownership trails traditional feature phone ownership, at least in the U.S. Nielsen’s study shows that 21% of American wireless subscribers have smartphones.

Still, even non-smartphone users have heavily embraced mobile apps. Nielsen’s survey indicates that the average number of apps that a feature phone user has on his or her device is 10, while the average number of apps a smartphone user has is 22.

Broken down even further, the average number of installed apps based on smartphone OS looks like this:

  • BlackBerry: 10
  • iPhone: 37
  • Android (): 22
  • Palm: 14
  • Windows Mobile: 13

Most Popular Smartphone Apps

While the specific applications vary from platform to platform, the most popular apps across smartphones were pretty consistent in this report: Maps, weather, Facebook and music all had strong showings.

Check out this chart which breaks down the five most popular apps by smartphone OS:

It’s interesting to see just how much Facebook dominates the mobile app space; it’s one of the top five apps on each of the platforms highlighted. Still, Nielsen notes that broken down by demographic, MySpace () is still very popular among teens and that LinkedIn () is strong in the 25-44 demographic.

Facebook Day Falls Flat

Yesterday was Quit Facebook Day, and for all intents and purposes, it was a bust. According to the group’s homepage, only 34,000 users vowed to “quit Facebook” and remember, committing to quit and actually quitting aren’t the same thing.

While the debate over Facebook and privacy is far from over, those concerns are trumped by the utility of the actual service. At least for now.

Yesterday, we asked readers if they were going to quit Facebook (). After more than 10,000 votes, nearly 63.73% of readers (6,593 combined votes) said that they would not be quitting Facebook. 25.57% (2,645 votes) said that they were going to quit Facebook and 10.7% (1,107 votes) said that they didn’t even have a Facebook account.

Now, our poll was far from scientific, but it does offer some anecdotal food for thought. What we’ve been hearing from readers over the last few months isn’t that privacy concerns or fears are unwarranted — Facebook users do seem to be uneasy with some of the changes to the service and its growing reach — but that the service itself is ultimately too important as a way of communication to give up.

The long-term impact of the latest privacy control updates remain to be seen but it looks Facebook has emerged from this round of privacy warfare relatively unscathed — at least for now.

Are You Going to Quit Facebook? (Poll Closed)
Total Votes: 10,340
Comments (21)
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Facebook to Undergo Judiciary Committee Probe

Despite recent changes to its personal privacy settings interface, Facebook is still under fire for past privacy-related mistakes. This time, the U.S. House Judiciary Committee is getting involved.

In a letter to CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Friday, committee chair John Conyers (pictured right) wrote, “We would appreciate a detailed explanation of the information about Facebook users that your company has provided to third parties without the knowledge of the account holders — particularly in circumstances in which the users did not expressly opt for this kind of information sharing.”

The letter goes on to request an explanation of prior policies as well as details on how Facebook’s recent round of changes have altered these policies.

This isn’t the first time Facebook has come up in a negative light in Washington. About one month ago, Sentaor Charles Schumer asked the FTC to investigate Facebook’s newer features built around the Open Graph API. The FTC has been reviewing Facebook’s privacy policies and those of other social networks, as well.

And just last week, Facebook’s D.C. office staged a special briefing for Congress staffers to explain the company’s response to the general privacy-issues-induced outcry from advocacy groups and users. Apparently, the explanation given wasn’t satisfactory.

Conyers, a Michigan Democrat, hasn’t stated outright that Facebook will face a full-on investigation from the Judiciary Committee; however, this initial letter is a telling signal of Washington’s growing interest in the social network.

Do you think the House Committee will — or should — investigate how Facebook treats user data with regard to third-party sites? Do you think Facebook’s recent changes will get the company off the hook where the U.S. government is concerned?

Pakistan Lifts Facebook Ban

Pakistan lifted the Facebook ban on Monday after Facebook officials apologized for offensive content and blocked access to it — at least for those who try to access the offending content from Pakistan.

Two weeks ago, a Pakistani court had ordered the authorities to block Facebook because of a contest that called for caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

“The government has assured the court on behalf of the website that the blasphemous material would not be seen in Pakistan,” lawyer Azhar Siddique told Reuters. Siddique is a representative of the Islamic Lawyers Forum, a group whose petition called for the Facebook ban.

It seems that Facebook didn’t completely remove the groups deemed offensive to Muslims, instead blocking access to them from Pakistan and, possibly, other Islamic countries. The same Facebook search we conducted when the ban was first imposed still yields two groups which feature several caricatures of the Islamic Prophet.

Recently, Bangladesh also blocked Facebook over satirical images deemed offensive to Muslims.

Facebook Malware Attack on the Loose

A Facebook phishing attack is on the loose this weekend — the third widespread attack on the site in the past three weeks. The attack attempts to steal your Facebook login credentials, install malware on your computer and even get your home address.

The attack is spread via a “hilarious video” posted to Facebook walls, reports WebSense. When clicked, a form appears requesting your Facebook login.

The attack then returns you to Facebook, installs an app called “Media Player HD,” and asks you to download the “FLV player” — doing so installs malware on your machine. It gets worse: Depending on your location, you may also be presented with a contest to win an iPad … if you just enter your home address.

To avoid getting caught, simply remove the “hilarious video” if you find it on your Facebook () wall. If you see it elsewhere on Facebook, don’t click it … and of course remember the obvious rule: Don’t enter your Facebook login anywhere other than

If you already fell for the attack, change your Facebook password, uninstall the Facebook app (often called “Media Player HD”), and run a virus/malware scan on your computer.

The video below, courtesy of Websense, explains the attack.

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