Selasa, 26 Mei 2009

Facebook’s Redesigned Application Directory Goes Live

facebook platformFacebook has rolled out the updated look for its application directory that we told you about last week, as well as the more Facebook Page-like interface for individual applications.

The changes are mostly as expected – the apps directory now prominently includes “Featured by Facebook” apps – in other words, those that have made it through the company’s verified apps process. Additionally, you can now browse not only applications on Facebook, but those developed on external websites, mobile, and desktop using Facebook Connect and the Open Stream API.

Also interesting is the “Recent Activity from Friends” area you now see on the homepage of the apps directory. This is essentially a filter of the updates you see on your homepage, but with just application-related activity, like a friend registering for an event or playing a game.

What’s missing at this point seems to be categories for apps outside of those living on Facebook (Facebook reviews). For example, while you can drill down to see “Sports” applications on Facebook, you can’t do the same for Facebook Connect or mobile apps. Granted, there are still far fewer apps off Facebook than on, but some categorization would be nice.

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