Kamis, 18 Februari 2010

Facebook launches new privacy settings for Facebook Apps

Facebook has a new privacy options for users with more control over their Facebook applications and websites with Facebook Connect. The changes follow new privacy controversial revision of December.

In a message on the Facebook blog, the world's largest social network have shown that it added: "granular" control of content shared by applications. The changes are designed to allow users to change your friends' updates for some applications, but also for third-party applications and Web sites Facebook Connect.

Seesmic (Seesmic), for example, will soon be more privacy features, in particular so that the users for status updates only for the buddy lists you specify.

From Facebook (Facebook) blog:

"There are privacy options so grainy, the audience for any content that you shares through personalization applications. Just select the category of persons from the drop-down menu near the lock icon shares Publisher on your homepage or a profile, or the evidence when application sharing or Facebook Connect sites will appear.

For example, you might not want all your friends to the humorous greeting card you have written only one application. Now you can perform these functions are only visible from a few friends. "

View a result of the changes, further evidence of applications ask you to change your privacy. Overall, this update may appear legitimate and less controversial than in December, pushing for more public profile. We wait for the new settings to play a final decision, though.

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