Senin, 05 Juli 2010

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Want a great deal on a Facebook account? A Russian hacker who calls himself "kirllos" claims he can sell you 1,000 unsuspecting users' login credentials for just $25, or $45 if the accounts have more than 10 friends each.
The Arkansas mother now faces a charge of harassment.

The hacker is believed to have stolen the IDs of 1.5 million Facebook users. If accurate, that means one out of every 300 Facebook users may have been victimized. Kirllos is selling the information on an underground hacker website, according to VeriSign's iDefense Labs. The cybersecurity company estimates that kirllos has sold around 700,000 accounts so far, but VeriSign was unable to verify if any of the accounts are legitimate accounts belonging to real Facebook users.

Kirllos' prices are incredibly cheap compared to other scams for sale. E-mail usernames and passwords usually fetch between $1 to $20 each, according to Symantec's latest Internet Security Threat Report. In contrast, Kirllos is claiming he will sell accounts for as little as 25 cents each.

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