Minggu, 10 April 2011

Welcome to Facebook Launches New Homepage and Login

Early this evening a few users began reporting that a new login page began appearing for Facebook. This makes sense given the company’s redesign. This new homepage design and the redesign of their login page may signal the final transfer of users over to the new design. While we can’t confirm that all users have been transferred, there are many signs pointing to this being the final touch.

Even though the new design had launched, any user which visited the site without logging in was greeted with the old design. That is no longer the case. See the screenshot below for what the new homepage looks like. Facebook still has a fair number of upgrades that need to take place as not all areas within the site take advantage of the wider design.

We are now seeing the new design as well. The new design shift may now be final. We are waiting to hear confirmation from Facebook that the shift is complete.

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