Minggu, 07 Agustus 2011

Facebook mobile site m.facebook.com relaunched

The previous version of mobile site was different for diverse mobile user like for touch screen mobile user, it was touch.facebook.com. First of all it was made for high-end touchscreen and after that it was designed for feature phones. But now only one site (m.facebook.com) is designed for all mobile users that will work according to your mobile phones.

Previously, some mobile browsers are not capable to show the Full facebook site. The new facebook mobile site gives more convenience to access facebook from your phone. Before today, only feature phone could access m.faceook.com, while some Smartphone users probably use native applications to access facebook. But now, every device uses the same framework that means everyone can get the benefits of facebook features, whether writing messages or checking into Places. With m.facebook.com, works of facebook site is also became easy because now they can move even faster and make new features just once for every mobile device.

The new version of the site is supported wireless universal resource file (WURFL) technology. Facebook new website features will permit users to remove the thousands of formerly written code for old mobile website. M.facebook.com will maximize development usefulness functions that respond to diverse device application development.

Using face book mobile web, you can use main features of the site like adding friends, making wall posts as well as editing your privacy settings, but you can not take the benefit of facebook chat or adding networks. Now you can upload photos and video on your profile and also change your profile picture through your mobile phone.

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