Sabtu, 19 Juni 2010

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Well I've just about had it. I've had my account disabled for persistant misuse, I have not received one reply from my emails. I 've called the company and sent letters to the editor of every paper that I could think of ... including the local paper in Palo Alto where Facebooks headquarters is.. I think to myself, someone has to take notice.. but nope.

Nothing ... tick tock tick tock.

So i start reading a little more and turns out, Facebook has had a lot of complaints against them. Suprise suprise...

so much so in fact that the Attorney General of NY has ordered them to get an ISSE to investigate complaints. Well I think... Customer relations is not something to be taken lightly, so important in fact that companies who have not focused on this lost their business to other companies who knew that this was their trump. Facebook fails to realize that they can be easily replaced.. because in fact.. the best social utility.. is the internet!!!

Facebook needs an eye opener.

That administrator who so easily disabled your account could have used one of their own applications to have avoided this whole mess. yes .. Instant Messaging. Why did they not warn me there or verify that I was only replying..

Facebook needs a more detailed list of the code of conduct and terms and conditions, so people like me can understand why in the hell their account is gone? for replying to posts and letters? How tell me? Daily limit.. what limit? That s not in there... something must be done.

so I encourage you to contact the only sharpest pen in the can I call the internet.. the Attorney General of NY!

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