Sabtu, 19 Juni 2010

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how to get facebook account back
Hi, about mid way through Thanksgiving Break I tried to log on to my facebook account and they gave me a message that my account had been disabled. I know I did not violate any of the terms of use. I don't have 5000 friends or belong to 200 groups. I have sent so many numerous emails but they say the same thing. All the message says is that your account has been disabled for poke reasons, harassment, etc. Then the name of the customer service rep. I get the same message back every time with a different customer service rep. name. I have a security clearance so my employer would have done something if I had something bad on my account. I am not a bad person just a regular college kid. I want my account back and was wondering what can be done, and if that Thor guy can help. Any legal action I can take

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