Senin, 28 Maret 2011

HTC Facebook phone

HTC will release a phone with a Facebook user interface next month, according to, a London based news website. HTC’s phone, it is said, will run a tweaked version of Google Android OS.

HTC’s Facebook phone, and if Facebook is targeting a larger plan of deployment in smartphones, then even its software for mobiles, will likely be unveiled at MWC 2011 a few days from now. Speculation on the Web has it that HTC’s phone is similar to Google’s Nexus series, i.e., Facebook has chosen HTC to create a prototype Facebook phone; similar to how Google had chosen HTC to make the first Android prototype, Nexus One.

Of course, that both companies chose HTC (assuming that has indeed done so,) is probably just by chance. However, says HTC will release two Facebook phones at MWC 2011 (is there even a need for two prototypes?). Also, Facebook recently announced having bought mobile ad platform Revel8tion to serve ads to its existing 200 million mobile app users.

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