Rabu, 16 Maret 2011

m.facebook.com rumor

This is a busy time for the social networking business called Facebook.com. It's a site where you can post information about yourself and read about other people, but not everybody is able to see everything - a specific group, like students from a particular school - have to join up.

Nearly 10 million members post photos and personal details to share with their friends - real or virtual. The Wall Street Journal reported Facebook is in quote "serious talks with Yahoo!," which wants to buy the site for close to one billion dollars. And this is the potential billion-dollar CEO.

Mr. MARK ZUCKERBERG (CEO, Facebook.com): I'm 22. I started Facebook when I was a sophomore in college.

INSKEEP: His name is Mark Zuckerberg and he launched Facebook with only his fellow Harvard students being invited. Later, other colleges got involved and other high schools, as well as businesses.

Starting today, anybody can join, which has provoked a backlash among some members who have used Facebook itself to petition against the expansion. To find out why, we met some of the members offline, in the flesh, at the University of Southern California.

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