Rabu, 18 Mei 2011

Facebook goes into m.facebook.com • mozillaZine Forums

I've totaly given up trying to make facebook.com work, at the moment I'm just trying to make a plugin that strips the DOCTYPE tage from m.facebook.com

Networking Features:Facebook’s bread and butter are their groups. Much like college campuses create groups, so does Facebook. You can join your favorite band, political candidate and local organizations. They have more than 500 groups in 23 categories.

Facebook has really ramped up its networking features. Before it used to be just a simple place for people with similar interests to, well, network. Now, they are filling it up with additional options like apps, and instant messaging, forums, photo tagging and more. Facebook also allows you to send whole photo albums to friends even if they are not members of the Facebook community.

Recently they’ve put more emphasis on additional features like uploading personal videos and expanding the marketplace. We also found an app for Facebook Mobile, a mobile version of Facebook that can be accessed on your phone.

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