Senin, 02 Mei 2011

There are Lots of Ways to Do a Facebook

Things I liked about I’m on Facebook — Now What???

  • Practical – every chapter ends with action items for you to try out the lessons learned.
  • Economical – if you’re a regular Facebook user or on your way to becoming one, the authors’ advice will save you A LOT of time for example with tips about how to manage your Facebook notifications.
  • Complete – whether you’re considering Facebook for personal use and/or business use, Jason & Jesse have it covered.
  • Readable – the content flows well, making it easy to read, understand and learn.
  • Personal – Chapter 6′s recommended usage by profile – e.g. Mom or Dad, Business Owner, Student, etc. – is a big time-saver to get you moving in the right direction.
  • Useful – especially pertinent for job seekers, the book has terrific insight about how to brand yourself with Facebook.
  • Pragmatic – possibly the longest chapter is about privacy – the biggest concern for anyone using Facebook – and discusses when you want it and when you’ll be willing to give it up. Plus, the useful appendix to assuage your worries by telling you exactly which information a Facebook application does and does not have access to.

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