Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

M Mobile: Facebook Mobile Web (m.facebook.com)

Relatively low bandwidth of the interface is part of a multi-pronged strategy for mobile is designed to ensure that users have access to services regardless of their handset or the power of their data connections. M.facebook.com match between mobile applications more intensive data such as Facebook for iPhone and touch.facebook.com mobile sites, and minimum-bandwidth interface 0.facebook.com.

When users visit m.facebook.com they will look trimmed down version of publisher status for the above, the new birthday notification and the panel request. From here users can respond to friend requests, view birthday that day, and click through the link to view all recent notices them or delay their event invitations and other requests. This change refocuses on the phone interface to view and respond to the actions of others more than creating new content.

Following notification of the user will see a line or a majority view on their latest news feeds. Options to view status updates or photos that you have just moved in behind the button See More Stories at the bottom of the feed Recent. There are also users will find an option to view feeds from Link only, notes, or events is the story - the choice is not available on Facebook.com. Comments and key present in-line with the stamp of news feeds, provides a more streamlined with a little white space blank. At the bottom of the feed is People You May Know the panel similar to that seen in the right sidebar of the web version of the home page Facebook.com 's.

At the bottom of the home page, the panel has been split with the Notification Bookmarks, My Pages, Events, and Photo remaining above the fold and Links, Notes, Groups, and SMS is hidden behind another button.

redesign is primarily aesthetic, and not give users m.facebook.com function Places like touch.facebook.com and up to the iPhone has. Although some traffic coming from m.facebook.com used to direct people to download their handsets for specific applications, m.facebook.com nearly 10 million active users daily and nearly 50 million active users monthly in mid-August.

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