Rabu, 18 Mei 2011

Facebook Platform Developer Forum / m.facebook.com login

use facebook mobile Facebook announced today that users of its mobile site m.facebook.com will soon be able to edit their privacy settings, including who sees what they post and granular

Facebook’s website design is straightforward; it has few graphics or decoration, but they managed to create a uniform utilitarian interface that most users adore. Although you can’t customize skins or change your color scheme, you can rearrange the position of some of your information boxes on your profile by simply dragging and dropping them to other spots on the screen.

Unlike MySpace m.facebook.com, your Facebook backend looks exactly like what others see on the site when they look at your profile. You see what they will see.

When you register, your location and/or school become your first “networks,” from there you can search for others in your network looking for friends or colleagues.

Once you’ve found someone you want to connect with, send them a message, see a list of their friends and invite them into your network of friends. Share photos, notes and news feeds. Your friends can also post comments on your profile wall.

www.m.facebook apps are probably the most appealing aspect of the site. One of the first social networking sites to incorporate third-party applications into the system; you have a variety of options to choose from. You can add quizzes, support tags, feeds and more.

Some other interesting aspects to Facebook profiles are the automatic linking and News Feed. The automatic linking happens when you place a specific noun in your interest or education section. The link will direct you to others that also have the same interests written down or school selected. It’s not a perfect science, but kind of fun to see which other members share your music, movie or book selections.

The News m.facebook mobileFeeds work like mini spies. If you subscribe to someone’s feed or if you are subscribed, your friends can see what music you are listening to, the website you are on or what you’ve just bought on Amazon.

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