Senin, 23 Mei 2011

Www m facebook com login - .Pdf & Word Free Ebooks Download

'The only problem with facebook is that the login textboxes in the mobile version don't work on kindle, so you can't enter any text on them :-S
The solution is quite straightforwards... log in to the full version and then (before it hangs up and after the log in process is done) go to the address address bar and change it to'

I tried the websites for mobiles etc from a desktop PC using Firefox and Opera. I could enter the sites, but didn't stay to look around. I assume the Kindle3 webkit browser will be able to do this too.

Will Kindle3 be able to enter the normal websites listed in the left-handside column above? If so, what will the user-experience be, acceptable or just plain awful (if answerable)?

For me the Kindle3 is for reading, but our teenage children want to use it for facebook too. From what I have seen I think they will be able to, so will go ahead and buy.

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