Senin, 02 Mei 2011

Facebook Mobile Login

To find deals, navigate under your homepage photo to or simply visit Since there are no deals offered for Raleigh, NC, I’m offered the closest city, Atlanta, GA. The following is a screenshot of the landing page experience.
Even though Atlanta was set as my default, I am able to browse other city deal pages through a drop down at the top of the page. Currently the only cities offering Facebook deals are Atlanta, San Francisco, Dallas, Austin, and San Diego.
As the screenshot above shows, this deals page includes a brief description of the deal, the reduced price, and the option to “Like” or “Buy.” Since most people want to know more about the deal before liking or buying, once you click on the deal you are driven to a “Deals” tab within the brand’s current Facebook page.
Although this screenshot doesn’t capture the entire tab, the tab also includes an area for people to comment about the deal, ask questions around the deal (instead of having to navigate back to the wall), and chat with others about how excited they are that they just purchased it.
Now, lets say I want to buy a deal. If I click “Buy” then I’m led to the following screen where I can select the quantity. As you also can tell, Facebook cleverly checks the option to post to my profile, so as soon as I make the purchase my friends can also see my activity.

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